SUBMITTER’S COMMENT: This isn’t a piercing or body mod, but I believe it comes under the same category when it comes to doing it yourself. This video popped up in my news feed on facebook and it is of a girl removing her own tonsils (or removing something at least). On facebook she said she removed them section by section over a matter of days.

 WHAT’S AWFUL: EVERYTHING! She’s attempting to perform surgery on herself in her home with out wearing gloves with a pair of tweezers and nail scissors. 

 HOW IT CAN BE FIXED: Don’t do it! There is a reason people have to study for years to be able to do this safely. She’s lucky she didn’t contract an infection. Leave all body modifications, whether it be a piercing, tattoo, scarification, implant, surgery, etc to the professionals.

What the actual fuck

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